Employee Care

Employee Care

Work and life balance

Friendly Environment
  • AED Equipment
  • First aid kits
  • Lactation Rooms
Law And Regulations
  • Four Major Projects of the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • Occupational Safety and Health Training
  • On-Site Occupational Health Doctor/Nurses Services
  • Deployment of first aid personnel
Health Management
  • Health consultation
  • Health care
  • Health check report evaluation
Health Promotion
  • InnoLife Health Magazines
  • nnoLife Music
  • Services from Blind Masseurs

Happiness Project: Birth Encouragement

Since 2015, Innodisk has fulfilled its corporate social responsibility and employee care. It not only encourages childbirth, but also reduces the burden of parenting, taking care of employees, and their families.

Maternity Subsidies
  • TWD 3,000 subsidy.
  • For the second birth (and above), an additional TWD 30,000 subsidy will be provided.
Childcare Allowance
  • Any child born during the employment period will receive a monthly subsidy of 6% of salary between 0 and 6 years old. If there is more than one newborn, the maximum subsidy amount is 10% of the salary.

Cumulative people

Cumulative amount

Scholarships for Employees' Children

Since 2019, scholarships for employees’ children have been added to encourage the children of employees with excellent academic performance in school.

  • Amount of scholarship for studying in each academic year: TWD 1,000 for an elementary school student, TWD 2,000 for a junior high school student, TWD 3,000 for a high school/vocational student, and TWD 4,000 for a university or graduate school student.
  • Number of applicants: 59 people in 2019; 67 people in 2020.
    A total of TWD 189,000 was awarded for studying for the last two years.

Health Care

Occupational health nurses provide health care, health education, tracking, and recording based on the notification of the department head and the HR BP.

Health Management
  • Health Care items include personal health problems, physical and mental health, flu, Three-Hypers Series (high blood pressure, high blood lipids, and high blood sugar), blood pressure control, human factors, maternity protection, workload management, etc.
  • 145 people received Health Management care services.

Online Interactive Platform

The “Exercise together” platform was established, allowing colleagues to share health-related knowledge and exercise results, promoting the atmosphere of exercise, so that employees can develop the habit of exercising, strengthen their physical health, and encourage each other those who do not usually exercise to gradually develop the habit of “health 333”.