Risk Management

Risk Management

Risk Management Strategy

To effectively manage risks, Innodisk has formulated risk management procedures, and conducted environmental, social, corporate governance, and other aspects of risk assessment and identification following the principle of CSR. Risk management strategies and countermeasures are applied to minimize possible risks, even turning them into opportunities.

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Significant Issues Risk Involved Risk Management Strategy


Waste Management

  • To effectively manage the waste produced by the company, effectively implement waste reduction, classification, reuse and removal, and disposal operations, and achieve the purpose of waste control and waste reduction, we entrust a professional waste removal company to assist in our waste disposal.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • An annual inventory of greenhouse gas emissions is conducted, as we set energy consumption reduction targets and develop effective carbon reduction improvement plans.



  • Formulate various codes of ethical conduct, establish good corporate governance and risk control mechanisms, and implement policies to promote integrity management.

Raw material supply

  • In order to avoid unstable material supplies, there are substitute material suppliers for crucial parts.

Insecure Information systems and network systems

  • The network is protected by the ISP information security fleet for the first layer, and the internal firewall is built to separate the relevant network security.
  • Account creation and deletion are processed following the requirements from the application form, and relevant permissions are configured for the applicant.
  • Account passwords need to be changed regularly with password strength restrictions.
  • Regular updates for the virus pattern and computer scans will be performed, with the implementation of different anti-virus software on the user and server for enhanced protection.
  • Mail is blocked from the equipment by Microsoft Spam Mail to ensure normal and stable mail sending and receiving.
  • Regular data backup (D2D/D2Cloud).
  • Office 365 email reinforces APT to provide protection for persistent penetration attacks.
  • Reinforced firewall control over L7 applications.
  • Implement MFA multi-factor authentication to ensure account security .
  • Isolation and prohibition of all unauthorized devices.
  • Complete the deployment of DR recovery capability at both sites of Xizhi and Yilan.


Work Hazards

  • To protect the workplace safety and health of employees, relevant measures and emergency response drills are carried out to reduce the risk of occupational disasters. We also care about the health of our employees and hold relevant courses and activities to create a healthy workplace.


Infectious Diseases (COVID-19)

  • Formulate COIVD-19 prevention and control measures.
  • Personnel entering the factory must first measure their body temperature (employees, manufacturers, customers), and those whose forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees are prohibited from entering the factory.
  • All personnel entering the company must wear surgical masks.
  • Group activities (including gatherings, club activities, education, training, etc.) are all suspended during the pandemic.
  • Business trips to overseas epidemic areas are suspended, and travelers must wear masks when traveling for business purposes.
  • With the formulated report procedures, the temperature measurement of each day, the reason for all leave requests are reported back, with the abnormal list tracked regularly.
  • mplement remote work drills.