Corporate Commitment

Corporate Commitment

Corporation Policy

Quality Policy


Innovative and Reliable Design.
Professional and Dedicated Services.
Satisfactory and Trusty Quality.
Fast and Accurate Delivery.

HSF Policy


To have effectiveness monitoring.
To compliance the policy.
To use green products.
To satisfy customers.

Information Security Policy


Everyone is responsible for information security.

ESH Policy


To strengthen eco training.、To reduce carbon emission.
To run sustainable managemen.t、To enhance safety awareness.
To promote employee health.、To control harm risk.
To compliance the policy.、To continue improvement.
To reduce the pollution.、To reach zero occupational injury.

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RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) Code of Conduct

The purpose of the RBA Code of Conduct is to ensure that the working environment of the electronics industry supply chain is safe, allowing workers to be respected and dignified, and that business operators are responsible for the environment.

Innodisk has passed the audit of RBA by major international companies. We will continue to follow the RBA Code of Conduct, performing self-examination on the issues of labor, health and safety, environment, ethics, and management systems, to constantly improve and optimize the corresponding code of conduct.

We also encourage suppliers to take action on their own. In addition to complying with the law, they can actively move towards internationally recognized standards and take on more social and environmental responsibilities. For this reason, Innodisk requires suppliers to ensure compliance with the RBA Code of Conduct when signing the "Supplier Quality Assurance Contract" with suppliers. Suppliers are required to comply with the law and the RBA Code of Conduct for labor, recruitment, health and safety, environmental responsibility, ethics, and guaranteeing no conflict minerals are used.

Code of Ethical Conduct

Innodisk's business philosophy includes innovation, discipline, and sharing. A “Code of Ethical Conduct” has been established to regulate the ethics and responsibilities that all employees should take into account. This code is also on the company's website for all employees to view. There is also an anonymous complaint mailbox for employees, so that employees can freely express their opinions in a safe and confidential situation.

At Innodisk we respect a diverse society and give our employees equal employment and career development opportunities. We shall not discriminate anyone in any form due to factors such as personal gender, race, religious belief, political affiliation, gender identification, position, nationality, or age; All employees also jointly maintain a healthy and safe working environment, and there shall be no sexual harassment or other acts of violence, threats, and intimidation.

Innodisk's personnel should also treat their business counterparts fairly and shall not engage in any unfair or unethical behavior, including:
1. Receive any improper benefits.
2. Spread false rumors about clients, traders, competitors, or employees.
3. Deliberately misrepresenting the quality or content of our products or services.
4. Other improper benefits obtained through manipulation, concealment, misuse of information accessed through their position, misrepresentation of important matters, or unfair transactions.

When Innodisk's personnel conduct transactions with related parties or related companies, they should act within the principle of fair treatment, following the laws, the regulations of the competent authority, and the company's related procedures, and there shall be no special benefits provided.

Code of Conduct on Integrity

In the “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct,” Innodisk expressly stipulates that bribery, illegal political donations, improper charitable donations or sponsorships, offering or accepting unreasonable gifts, entertainment, or other improper benefits are prohibited. Employee restrictions also include the infringement on business secrets, trademarks, patents, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights, engaging in unfair competition, and directly or indirectly harming the rights, health, and safety of consumers or other stakeholders when products are being developed, purchased, manufactured, or sold.

Before establishing business relationships with others, Innodisk also evaluates the legality and integrity management policies of agents, suppliers, clients, and other business partners, as well as whether there has been a record of dishonest behavior to ensure that the other end conducts business fairly and transparently and does not ask, offer or accept bribes.

No Discrimination

Innodisk complies with the Act of Gender Equality in Employment, and provides female employees with monthly menstruation leave, and maternity leave before and after childbirth in accordance with regulations, as well as a maternity protection plan to protect the rights and benefits of pregnant women. Innodisk also abides by the Person with Disabilities Rights Protection Act. In addition to providing a reserved quota, colleagues with disabilities are also treated in an equal manner, ensuring the principle of non-discrimination.

No child labor

Innodisk’s operating locations strictly abide by the laws and regulations of various countries, industry standards, client requirements, and other relevant laws and regulations regarding the prohibition of the use of child labor and underage labor. A standard policy was also formed to comply with internationally recognized labor rights and child labor prohibitions.

At the same time, this standard is extended to Innodisk's supply chain, requiring all suppliers to prohibit child labor and protect the rights and interests of all children and students.

No forced labor

Innodisk prohibits the use of forced labor in any form and firmly stands against slavery and human trafficking. Every employee has the right to leave their jobs freely under the provisions of local laws and regulations, and all work should be voluntary; Innodisk prohibits any act that restricts freedom of labor, such as: withholding identity documents, collecting deposits or collateral, withholding workers’ wages, monitor or audio monitoring, forcing body searches, restricting workers’ access to the factory and forcing overtime, etc.

Sustainable Development Goal

Innodisk not only focuses on improving its core competencies in the industry, but also actively implements actions for sustainability, taking into account the opportunities and risks brought by various United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and continuously strives to respond to various international goals, ensuring Innodisk's sustainable development strategy stays in line with the international trend for sustainability.

End Poverty
Help students from disadvantaged families to develop life skills.
Provide scholarships for disadvantaged groups.
Good Health and Well-being
Purchase safety equipment.
Promote sports culture.
Conduct health and safety education and training.
Implement ISO 45001 and perform risk assessment regularly to reduce the probability of occupational accidents.
Quality Education
Provide stable education to children from disadvantaged.
Provide professional assistance from company employees and lead children to develop diverse skills.
Set up scholarships for employees' children.
Gender Equality
Develop a maternal care plan.
Provide maternity subsidies.
Affordable Clean Energy for All
Purchase more T-REC.
Produce with high energy efficiency.
Reduce Inequalities
Provide scholarships for children from disadvantaged families to support their access to stable educations and equal opportunities.
Sustainable Cities and Communities
In response to Covid-19, we donated special funds for epidemic prevention to Yonghe Cardinal Tien Hospital and National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University Hospital to balance the different healthcare qualities in urban and rural areas.
Climate Action
Implement ISO14064-1 to disclose greenhouse gas emissions.
Peace, Justice, and Proper Institutions
Comply with Fair Trade Act, fighting corruption and bribery.

Innodisk Human Right Policy

Innodisk fully complies with the labor-related regulations in the locations where our global operations are based, ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of our employees.
Innodisk adheres to the spirit and fundamental principles of human rights protection as exposed in various international human rights conventions, including the United Nations Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization's Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We deeply embrace the responsibility to respect and protect human rights, treating all employees, including contracted personnel and interns, with dignity and respect.
The implementation guidelines for upholding human rights are as follows:


Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equal Employment Opportunities

We comply with relevant national labor laws, prohibiting child labor, human trafficking, and forced labor. We are committed to creating a diverse, open, equal, and harassment-free work environment, ensuring there is no discrimination in employment.
All employees shall be treated equally, regardless of their gender (including sexual orientation), race, social class, age, blood type, marital status, language, religion, political affiliation, birthplace, appearance, disability, or any other characteristic.
Safeguarding Labor Rights and Fostering Harmonious Labor-Management Relations: We provide effective protection for labor rights and strive for a friendly and harmonious relationship between labor and management. We promote fairness in hiring, compensation, benefits, training, performance evaluation, and promotion opportunities. Additionally, we offer an effective and appropriate grievance mechanism to prevent and address any harm to employee rights.

Providing a Safe and Healthy Work Environment

We strive to offer a safe and healthy working environment, along with necessary health and emergency facilities, eliminating any hazardous factors that may impact the well-being and safety of our employees. Our goal is to reduce the risk of occupational accidents.
We proactively show concern for and manage our colleagues' abnormal workloads to avoid overtime work. Additionally, we conduct regular occupational health and safety-related education and training.

Respect for Employees' Freedom of Association

We uphold the fundamental human rights of our employees and safeguard their right to organize labor unions and engage in collective bargaining. We provide diverse communication mechanisms and platforms to ensure a harmonious and mutually beneficial labor-management relationship.

Assisting Employees in Maintaining Physical and Mental Well-being and Work-Life Balance

We care for our employees' physical and mental health and actively organize health management seminars. In addition to stress-relief massages, we provide diverse activities such as arts and culture, sports events, and family days to encourage participation from both employees and their families. Through participation in various clubs and groups, we promote interpersonal interactions among colleagues, enriching the concept of work-life balance, and ensuring comprehensive care for the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of our employees.

Report Mail Box for Violating Ethics and Integrity


Innodisk has always adhered to the principle of fair and equitable trading, as well as the business philosophy of ethics and integrity. If you find that Innodisk employees or any relevant persons on behalf of Innodisk conduct any behavior that may violate the company's “Procedures for Ethical Management and Guidelines for Conduct”, you can prepare the evidence and report to the company by e-mail or telephone.

Based on the principles of ethics, please provide the real name and contact information of the complainant or whistleblower so that Innodisk can verify and process the report. At the same time, Innodisk guarantees that the individual and the information provided by the complainant or whistleblower will be fully confidential in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.


Processing unit: Innodisk International Management Office
Complaints:[email protected]
Service Line:02-7703-3000 #1800