Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

ISO Certification

Since its establishment, Innodisk has not only devoted itself to product research and development, becoming the leading brand in the MES field, but also regarded environmental protection as its greatest responsibility. Therefore, Innodisk introduced ISO14001 certification in 2012 and passed QC080000 certification later that year, while ISO14064-1 was passed in 2020. Innodisk also carries out annual greenhouse gas inventories to ensure the sustainable development of the earth with the spirit of continuous improvement.

Passed ISO14064 certification in 2020. Through the greenhouse gas inventory, Innodisk finds out new possibilities for saving, and improving energy consumption, reducing the impact on the environment, strengthening the environmental protection responsibility of the enterprise, with more certifications to come.
Passed ISO45001 certification in 2019, improving workplace safety and health performance, ensuring workplace safety through risk prevention, and continuous improvement, with more certifications to come.
Passed QC080000 certification in 2012, establishing the technical specifications of the management system for the use, and reduction of harmful substances to protect consumers from toxic substances, and continue to obtain certification.
Passed ISO14001 certification in 2012 to improve the compliance of the organization’s environmental performance, achieve a balance between the environment, society and economy, and meet the social expectations of enterprises for sustainable development, information transparency, and corporate responsibility, with more certifications to come.

Energy Saving And Carbon Reduction Measures

To save more energy, we have been actively suggesting our employees take the following measures for the long term.