Innodisk Education Foundation

Innodisk Education Foundation

For its “charity” and “responsibility” business philosophy, Innodisk established the “Innodisk Education Foundation” in 2015.

We take "education" as the main development goal, and have launched various services in both horizontal and vertical ways, striving to become close friends with more children and to accompany them to grow up together. We aim to help them cultivate a positive outlook on life and a positive learning attitude through different activities and find their own learning goals and development directions.

Under the raging pandemic in 2020, Innodisk did not step back, but rather expanded the service area, increased the service items, innovated the content of the plan, and combined with the joint efforts of more schools, private units, and government departments. As a result, we even received an award from the Ministry of Education. Every employee in Innodisk utilized their professionalism, took action to help society, and is willing to donate more to make new achievements in education and public welfare.

宜鼎國際基於「分享」 與「承擔」的經營理念,在2015年成立了「宜鼎國際教育基金會」。

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The "Family Scholarship" was established to accompany the students whose family has experienced accidental changes in Taipei, Keelung, and Yilan to continue their study stably, complete their studies eventually, and enhance their ability to take care of themselves to meet their daily needs.

In 2020, Innodisk supported 41 students as they faced family difficulties, held 2 regular large-scale activities and 6 group activities, with 123 volunteers service sessions. Through individual analysis of children, unique caring plans are organized. Innodisk employees also actively participated in student assistance activities, with a total of 278 donations, accumulated a total amount of TWD 921,000, and with 10 volunteers service sessions accumulating 45 hours, to jointly stabilize children's education. Love from every member of Innodisk allowed more children to be supported, cared for, and well taken care of.

In response to the epidemic’s impact on families' income in 2020, Innodisk planned multiple part-time opportunities for students. Through such offers, they were able to improve their ability and give back to society while earning a salary.

Among them, 7 high school/vocational high school graduates this year have all entered public and private universities; 2 of them have been admitted to their desired school through the Star Plan.

Innodisk also pays great attention to the cultivation of students' “skills”. Since 2017, Innodisk has cooperated with the Department of Industrial Education of National Taiwan Normal University to organize the "Powertech"-Bionic Mechanical Animal Club activities in New Taipei and Yi-Lan, from the handling of briefing sessions, teacher training, provision of equipment packages, holding of various competitions, and ultimately encouraging participation in national competitions. The whole semester of activities has been highly recognized and appreciated by the school teachers. In 2020, there were a total of 12 schools with 220 students participating, and a total of 218 bionic mechanical animals were completed.

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